Silver People Studio

Memorable metal images of people and gods throughout the ages, have further identified for us their connection with the infinite by covering their faces and bodies with silver and gold. The ancient Greeks struck immortality with their coins leaving sculptured impressions of their god and goddesses from Mount Olympus: Zeus, Athena, Hermes, Hercules, Dionysus, Helios, Poseidon.

El Dorado, the golden man, walked the earth covered with powdered gold.

Reliquary masks of kings and saints, from the golden Buddhas to Prometheus, the Rolls Royce lady, Hollywood’s Oscar, The Silver Surfer, and the Blonde done in by Goldfinger.

Who are the Silver People, breaking the painting, photography, sculpture barrier?

I’m Jon Stevens. I paint First Person. Metaphysical Art!.

I use a Silver Solution in a baby oil base, completely non toxic. It washes off with soap and water, but I like to think that is lasts forever.

The human body is the most perfect canvas in the world!

The Chain of Masters continues!
Jon Stevens became a subject of paintings by Salvador Dali, and continued his relationship as protégé.
As Dali’s guest artist at the Knoedler Gallery in 1975, New York City I painted with Dali and photographed him with The Silver People.

Salvador Dali: “My Friend, Jon Stevens, last movement in Avant-garde art, Hyper Realism!”

21st Century Media Man, make me infinite as fast as you can! Inner Space Alchemy applied with a sponge. Silver and seamless to transmit and receive, incoming calls each time you breathe.

I’ve photographed silver people as gods, temples, skyscrapers, planets and even lenses themselves.
The set becomes a model of the solar system. The Silver Person representing our highly reflective planet earth and the single strobe light representing the sun. The black backdrop paper is the void of space. Silver is never just Silver, it is the mysterious color of light itself!

This is The Silver People Ballet!