Jon Stevens and Salvador Dali at Dali’s residence in Port Lligat, Spain in 1969.  Photographs were published in “The Salvador Dali Collectors Newsletter” in 2006.
Jon Stevens in silver body paint, photographed with the artist Peter Max at the Art Expo, New York, 1982, where Stevens debuted his Silver People Ballet in the lobby on a stage built especially for the performance.
Jon Stevens in silver body paint, photographed with the artist Peter Max at the Art Expo, New York.  Several paintings from Peter Max’s Statues of Liberty series, seen in the background, were gifted to President Reagan and hung in the White House during his presidency.
Jon Stevens with the crew from the popular Japanese TV game show, “How Much For The Whole World?” photographed in Stevens’ New York studio in 1982.   The game show, which put price tags on the world’s most exotic and luxurious experiences, featured Mr. Stevens’ silver people portraits.
Jon Stevens with his performers in a Laguna Beach, California erotic art show in 1977. The gallery also featured many of Mr. Stevens’ original photographs which can be seen in the background.
Promotional photograph taken by Mr. Stevens’ close friend, Caren Golden, in 1972, who after studying photography with Mr. Stevens went on to work for Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine.  With Mr. Stevens is model Catherine May, who later appeared in Jon Stevens’ silver body paint on the cover of Screw magazine.
A 1992 issue of Salvador Dali’s Collectors Newsletter featuring a photo portrait entitled “Salvador Dali With The Silver People.”  The article details how when New York City nightclub “Limelight” lost the original slide, Mr. Stevens sued the owner, winning a settlement of $23,250 – an unprecedented sum for a single, color transparency, setting a world record.
A 2006 issue of Salvador Dali’s Collectors Newsletter featuring a photograph of Mr. Dali with Jon Stevens.  The article describes how Mr. Dali tracked Stevens to model for him him after seeing his photograph in Newsweek Magazine, and the pair’s unique longtime friendship.
A 1987 article from Photo District News which describes how Mr. Stevens was awarded $23,250.00 when the owner of the New York City night club “Limelight” lost one of his original slides of Salvador Dali with Stevens’ silver people.
A 1968 photo by Richard Avedon of Jon Stevens and Lauren Hutton, which appeared as a full page ad for Air India in The New York Times.
A 1966 test shot with model Anne Turkel.  Mr. Stevens was the first British Mod male model in the U.S.
Photo by Chris Von Wangenheim, one of the great fashion photographers of the 70’s, for Hugh Hefner’s Oui magazine.  Mr. Stevens was styled by Kansai Yamamoto, the Japanese designer who famously styled David Bowie.
Self portrait, “Silver Jon With Eyeball Epaulletes.”  Jon Stevens photographed his own eyes and transposed them onto the portrait.
Jon Stevens on the poster for the movie “Tommy,” photographed by Mitchell Funk.
One of Jon Stevens’ Silver People on the 1973 cover of the French fine art photography magazine, Zoom.